SaksWorks is a new membership club for life and work.

Our Spaces

The Wellery
Fresh Hydroponics
Food & Beverage
Event Venues
Social Programming
Museum-Quality Art
Concierge Services

Find an open-air seat amongst the bookshelves, expansive windows and weeping Bird of Paradise plants. Alternatively, take an intimate meeting, quick debrief or remote check-in in our acoustically sound private rooms.

The Wellery is SaksWorks’ wellness edit. The Wellery’s offerings range from leadership speakers and integrated wellness to community events and retreats. Select locations include full wellness studios and amenities.

Be it a panel discussion, book reading, leadership talk or volunteer outing, our calendar of social programs aim to foster connection among members.

SaksWorks locations have a range of food and beverage offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, served either through a full service café or restaurant. Every SaksWorks club has complimentary freshly brewed drip coffee for members.

Each week, we curate a rotating list of convenience services for our members. From manicures to dry cleaning drop off, SaksWorks seeks to streamline our members’ days.

Rest and recover. Select SaksWorks locations feature BDY SQD studios where members can book an assisted stretch session, experience the benefits of infrared saunas and decompress with NormaTec boots.

Herbs, butter lettuce, bok choy, cucumbers and more. SaksWorks’ mini CSA program, grown from hydroponics throughout our spaces, is harvested specially for our members to take home with them.

Our Locations

An all-access network of urban and suburban locations.

Our locations are in both urban and suburban settings, with inaugural club locations forming a hub and spoke network around the New York Metropolitan Area.